Friday, June 12, 2009

I am what 'HOLIC'?

Do you have any idea how much that I miss you? I really miss you people =)

Much apology for I failed to spare my time here. I haven’t got the opportunity to update my blog since the last two weeks. I was extremely busy with my sister’s wedding in Klang and Kuala Terengganu. Yet I am deligthed that everything went well. What a relief. Phew.

And yeah, finally, I can spare my priceless time to update my blog. Yay. Last night I was wondering, if a question is asked to you; What kind of ‘holic’ are you? What would be your answer? Well, as for me I have my own answers. I am a: 1. Chocoholic

I am pretty sure you know it. I am a sweet tooth person. Chocs and I are inseparable. I love the sweetness. Not to forget the bitterness. Every bite of chocs makes me feel great. That is why, I am a chocoholic person. 2. Shopaholic

I love spending my money, even when I don’t actually have much to spend. It is my greatest pleasure guilt. I like buying new stuffs for myself. It feels really satisfying when I can actually get things that I want.

It’s very rare that I’d go out without buying anything. I will refrain myself to shop when I actually have none to spend. Haha. It’s really bad. It’s not wise to spend money on unnecessary things. I know. I am sure we all know.

But last month was a marvelous month. I spent almost the whole money that I got from my part time job as a Research Assistant to buy loads of good. I bought 2 bottles of perfume for myself, a bottle of perfume for my mother (as a gift for mother’s day), 2 headbands from my younger sisters which they wore during my sister’s wedding, a table lamp and a cake for my sister (as her wedding+birthday gift), I got to treat my cousin makan2 and others. It feels really good. Nothing can describe the feeling, but self satisfaction. 3. Workaholic

Some people said that I am such a workaholic person. But, that’s what they thought, not me. I personally think that I am such a lazy brat. They just don’t know the reasons why I joined activities like mooting and being a Research Assistant during semester break.

It’s true that everyone should get their rest during the break by going to vacations etc. But one question, how can you go for a vacation when you don’t have much money? (figure it out for me please)

I first decided to join mooting competitions because I wanted to challenge myself. Many people said, if a student intends to be part of the mooting team, he/she has to be crème of the crème. But, I don’t think that they were right about it.

Cause I have proved them to be so wrong. First thing first, I am not crème of the crème, not even close to the word smart. Yet, I joined the mooting team, just to challenge my ability. To see what I am being capable of to do.

As to the Research Assistant job, I am being paid for whatever research that I’ve done. I’m doing the job to earn money and experiences. There is nothing to do with being workaholic. So people out there, I hope I have made it clear to you that I am not a workaholic person. Just a money motivated person. 4. Bookaholic

I wish I could be more of like Sarah and Hana who love to read books. I so admire the two of them for being really bookaholic. They really like reading. Hana even said once in her blog, ‘how can one not love books’? Sigh. I always tell myself to read more. Knowledge is powerful. Without knowledge we are powerless. So peeps, let’s read more books. ;p

Fyi, I read fictions to improve my dictions and English. Still, I think it’s never been enough. The other day, I went out to KLCC alone, and I actually dropped by to Kinokuniyya (a book store). I saw a very nice book rack which catches my eyes. I really fancy the books showed on the racks. Those are chic lits which are my favourite. Since then, I plan to buy it one by one. I just don’t bother with whoever saying that chic lit is meant for girls. If I like it, why cant I buy and read it? Right? So yeah…I’ll buy it later ;). I think I am only that ‘holics’. What about you peeps? Make sure, none of you is alcoholic. It brings no good to your life. Just don’t. Regards, HHB, Love-Shopaholic-theMost