Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember Me?

Hi Bloggers, This entry will be a quick update about me. I just finished reading a chic-lit, Remember Me written by Sophie Kinsella.

To those who fancy reading chic-lits, I would highly recommend you to read it. It’s an interesting novel to be read. Count on me for saying this. Haha. But, I personally enjoy reading the book. I bought it at Kinokuniya, KLCC for the price of RM24.36. (price after I got 30% discount). So hurry up. Go to the nearest bookstores, and get your own copy. Hihi.

P/s--> a movie based Sophie's novel, Confession of a Shopaholic would be out in cinema very soon. Don't forget to watch it ;) Spare your time for the movie.

Regards, Hafiq Hasan Basri, I-remember-Myself

Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Days

My Dearest Bloggers,
Again, I am really sorry for not updating my blog. I had and still having hectic days. Being a 4th year student requires me to do a lot of practical things i.e client counselling, drafting statement of claims, documentation etc.
So I do not really have much time left to blogging. Much apology for that. I'm going to have 4days break...yay...which means no classes to attend. But nothing much to celebrate as I still have bunch of works to do. Anyone care to help? haha...
I want to take this opportunity to wish Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends as well as all Malaysians =). Have a prosperous New Year.
Hafiq Hasan Basri

Monday, January 12, 2009

King Bee's Birthday Celebration!

Dearest Bloggers,
It’s been almost a month since I celebrated my 22nd birthday, yet I haven’t posted any entry about my birthday bash. I’m going to make a short entry, since I’ve promised earlier. I celebrated my 22nd Birthday twice.
But in this entry I’ll be posting few pictures during the celebration at one of the hottest club in KL. Haha.
I invited few of my friends, my seniors, my old schoolmates and the most beloved person, my BOO. The theme colours for that night were Pink & Black. (I feel so Pinkie though). We had a blast, we danced together. I enjoyed being with you guys. I want to thank to everyone who showed up. Thank you for the wishes, gifts and love. I appreciate your presence in my life very much. Thanx guys. Loves from me. Hugs. Kisses.
Hafiq Hasan Basri

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is The Time

Dearest Bloggers,
I'm quite sure that many of us, if not all, are aware about the current situation in Gaza, Palestine. Today is the 12th day of the incursion by Israel against Palestine. The incursion has caused many deaths of the innocence lives of Palestinian.
If the attack is not stopped by the Israeli Government, I’m sure that more civilians will die as a result of the said incursion. Indeed, the brutal acts of Israel should be stopped immediately in order to prevent more deaths.
Some of us might not know that there is actually International Law which is aimed to regulate the conduct of the International Community. However, the International law is weak in terms of its enforcement. This is because the International law is lacking of effective enforcement machinery.

Even so, it has to be borne in mind that there is one body namely Security Council which has the power to enforce the International law amongst the International community. The UN Charter confers the power to the Security Council to maintain the International law.

At this point, we may be happy to know that there is actually a body which is entrusted with such great responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are 5 big nations which have Veto Power to veto the decision made by the Security Council.

Further, the abstention and absence of these 5 States to vote would also amount to the so called “veto”. Hence, if the Security Council intends to pass a Resolution, the votes from these 5 big nations are needed. Or else, the Resolution will not be passed.

Looking at the present situation, country like Libya has proposed to the Security Council to pass Resolution to restrain further incursion by Israel.

However, the Resolution was vetoed by the United States. Due to this, the attack is still continuing up till today because the attempt made by the Security Council was failed by the United States.

So, as a conscious human being, what would you do in order to stop the United States from supporting the inhumane Israelis?

Apparently, we are not being capable of helping them there physically. The least that we can do is not to buy the products from the United States. To put it in a simple term, boycott.

The Government cannot really help on this due to the political reasons. However, the citizens can absolutely work this out. Some might argue that, if I myself were to boycott it alone, it won’t work. But I say, we can.

We have to unite, to go against the big nations who misused their powers. We have to try our best to boycott their products, and hopefully, that will turn their economy down. At last, that will put pressure on them (the States) not to give further support to the Israel.

I Pray that the situation in Gaza will stop very soon. So that the peace will be brought back to Palestine. Do justice to them. They are human just like us. Have a sense of humanity, oh Israelis. Regards, Hafiq Hasan Basri, Let-us-Boycott-together

Monday, January 5, 2009

Polkie Dottie Tie

Hi bloggers, I am back. Haha. Actually, I was away from KL on the last weekend. I went to Penang & Kedah, which is part of my New Year plan. But, I wouldn’t be writing about my weekend trip in this entry. Maybe in the next entry, I will do. Today, I have a Professional Practice class at 10. My lecturer requires every male student to wear a long sleeve shirt with the neck tie, slack and proper shoe to the class. Fyi, I have 3 Professional Practice Classes in a week. That means, I will have to wear according to her wish thrice a week. To be truth, I don’t have many neck ties. I only own few. So, during the trip to Penang, I bought two ties for a very reasonable price. I bought it in a shop called Ameba. When I entered to the shop, suddenly something caught my eyes. Yeah. The ties caught my eyes.

I looked at the price, it’s quite cheap. Really (no lie). 1 for RM15, 2 for RM25. Then I decided to buy two, because it is cheaper to buy it two.

Since today I have Professional Practice class at 10a.m., I picked one of the two to match with my black shirt. It looks nice though. Black shirt with the polka dot tie. Haha.

Frankly speaking, I am pretty exhausted because I had to drive non-stop from Alor Star to Perak last night. When I woke up in this morning, I felt like not going to the class. But thanx to the tie. It makes me feel I wanted to go. Thank you polkie tie ;).

P/s--> my friend said, she likes the tie =). Yay..


Hafiq Hasan Basri,