Friday, June 12, 2009

I am what 'HOLIC'?

Do you have any idea how much that I miss you? I really miss you people =)

Much apology for I failed to spare my time here. I haven’t got the opportunity to update my blog since the last two weeks. I was extremely busy with my sister’s wedding in Klang and Kuala Terengganu. Yet I am deligthed that everything went well. What a relief. Phew.

And yeah, finally, I can spare my priceless time to update my blog. Yay. Last night I was wondering, if a question is asked to you; What kind of ‘holic’ are you? What would be your answer? Well, as for me I have my own answers. I am a: 1. Chocoholic

I am pretty sure you know it. I am a sweet tooth person. Chocs and I are inseparable. I love the sweetness. Not to forget the bitterness. Every bite of chocs makes me feel great. That is why, I am a chocoholic person. 2. Shopaholic

I love spending my money, even when I don’t actually have much to spend. It is my greatest pleasure guilt. I like buying new stuffs for myself. It feels really satisfying when I can actually get things that I want.

It’s very rare that I’d go out without buying anything. I will refrain myself to shop when I actually have none to spend. Haha. It’s really bad. It’s not wise to spend money on unnecessary things. I know. I am sure we all know.

But last month was a marvelous month. I spent almost the whole money that I got from my part time job as a Research Assistant to buy loads of good. I bought 2 bottles of perfume for myself, a bottle of perfume for my mother (as a gift for mother’s day), 2 headbands from my younger sisters which they wore during my sister’s wedding, a table lamp and a cake for my sister (as her wedding+birthday gift), I got to treat my cousin makan2 and others. It feels really good. Nothing can describe the feeling, but self satisfaction. 3. Workaholic

Some people said that I am such a workaholic person. But, that’s what they thought, not me. I personally think that I am such a lazy brat. They just don’t know the reasons why I joined activities like mooting and being a Research Assistant during semester break.

It’s true that everyone should get their rest during the break by going to vacations etc. But one question, how can you go for a vacation when you don’t have much money? (figure it out for me please)

I first decided to join mooting competitions because I wanted to challenge myself. Many people said, if a student intends to be part of the mooting team, he/she has to be crème of the crème. But, I don’t think that they were right about it.

Cause I have proved them to be so wrong. First thing first, I am not crème of the crème, not even close to the word smart. Yet, I joined the mooting team, just to challenge my ability. To see what I am being capable of to do.

As to the Research Assistant job, I am being paid for whatever research that I’ve done. I’m doing the job to earn money and experiences. There is nothing to do with being workaholic. So people out there, I hope I have made it clear to you that I am not a workaholic person. Just a money motivated person. 4. Bookaholic

I wish I could be more of like Sarah and Hana who love to read books. I so admire the two of them for being really bookaholic. They really like reading. Hana even said once in her blog, ‘how can one not love books’? Sigh. I always tell myself to read more. Knowledge is powerful. Without knowledge we are powerless. So peeps, let’s read more books. ;p

Fyi, I read fictions to improve my dictions and English. Still, I think it’s never been enough. The other day, I went out to KLCC alone, and I actually dropped by to Kinokuniyya (a book store). I saw a very nice book rack which catches my eyes. I really fancy the books showed on the racks. Those are chic lits which are my favourite. Since then, I plan to buy it one by one. I just don’t bother with whoever saying that chic lit is meant for girls. If I like it, why cant I buy and read it? Right? So yeah…I’ll buy it later ;). I think I am only that ‘holics’. What about you peeps? Make sure, none of you is alcoholic. It brings no good to your life. Just don’t. Regards, HHB, Love-Shopaholic-theMost

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Wedding Blessing

My dearest sister, I am really glad that finally you’ll be married to a guy whom you love very dearly. To a guy who is willing to take good care for you so that nothing will harm you, ever. Nothing makes me happier than knowing the fact that someone is willing to accept you for better or worse. You’re my only sister. You’re the one whom I fight with, also the one whom I would always turn to whenever I am in troubles. No matter what people said about us, they just don’t know that we do love each other. At first I was so sad that you’ll be taken away from me. But, I no longer am as I am not losing you. In fact, I will gain a new family member, a brother in law. I know it’s not easy to be you, But bear in mind that God is being fair to us all, That is why after what you have gone through before, Now God is gratifying you with joys and glee into your life. Have a happy marriage life to you sis.
Till then Loads of Love.
HHB, Your only Brother

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Calling For Wedding

Hi Peeps, You are all invited to my sister's Wedding on 30th and 31st May 2009 in Klang. The details are as follow:

Well, I hope that you can come to the wedding, since she's my only sister. No more sister wedding after hers. Haha. Till then, love you people.

p/s--> if guys notice, me and my sister love pink colour. Something that we have in common ;p

Regards, HHB, Very-Excited

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chocolate For Happiness

Give Me A Chocolate Heart
Everyone loves a delicacy
And most of all miss dainty me
Who's not so dainty now,
I sayThere's so many wrappers to throw away
Chocolate has a place in my heart
It's a springboard for my life's jumpstart
Whenever I am feeling low
It's to the chocolate box I go
I think if I eat enough sweets
My heart will turn to yummy treats
And how could that be bad?
In the company of chocolate no one's sad
They'll love my dark chocolate soul
You can't resist what makes you whole
Oh, make me chocolate filled
If everyone loves me, I'll be thrilled
Phoenix Rory

p/s--> By the way abg Zul went to Japan last month and he bought me loads of chocolate. I am so flattered. So happy that my choc box is full with chocs =) Thanx a lot abg Zul.

Not to forget, thank a bunch to Naguib for his kindness. He gave me his I LOVE NY choc when mine was eaten by fungus. What a thoughful friend you are. I am sorry that I forgot to mention your name earlier. I regret that. So sorry. Regards, HHB, I-taste-SUGAR

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry is Unnecessary

Peeps, It seems like someone gets offended with what I have written in the previous entry. Should I say sorry to the poor dud? Wait, I need seconds to think. Oh no. I don’t need any since I am not going to say sorry for what I have written because that’s what I felt about the poor dud. But hey dud, I feel sorry that you’re being offended. Unfortunately I feel happier to know that you’re being insulted. It makes me feel wanting to insult you even more. Luckily, I have few friends with angelic hearts. They said, I have done enough. It really shows that you’re snubbed. I don’t have to do more, because I am not taking vengeance nor I am launching loathsome wars against you. Well what I have written tells that I really disgust you. Yes I do. There’s another thing that you need to know, before I off you go. Life is fair, That is why, what goes around comes around. For every single good and bad deeds, Certainly there’ll be rewards and retributions. It’s only the matter of time. When, where and what? I am pleased that you decided to put a stop to it. You quit from being my blog follower, You also scrubbed me out from your facebook. That shows, what I have written made an impeccable impact to you, Freak. I admit I was being so cynical, Now, I will not. So, in plain and simple language, I loathe you Loser! I am still disgusted with your pathetic attitudes. Uffff! p/s Hey, when you say keep laughing, surely I will. I will laugh even harder than before. But wait, will that ever change you? I highly doubt it. Still, I am enjoying my times. People said no sweat, because it takes only me to laugh at you. Regards, HHB, Still-Disgusted

Friday, May 8, 2009

Glad Tidings

Poor Dud, It feels satisfying to know that your world is shaken, It feels better to know that you’re getting it as your punishment, Yes it does. Dud, It felt good to be with you, Cause it takes two to tango. When I was left puzzled, I thought that my life is ruined. But hey no, I woke up and smelt the coffee. I despised to see you days and nights, Cause your face hurts my sight. Now that I know you’re left alone, You’re no longer occupying the throne. Your pathetic stories became my glad tidings, For it brings joys and glee. I need not anyone like you, Cause it takes only me to laugh at you.
p/s I did not name anyone here. If you get offended, then it's not my fault. Cheers. ;p
Anyways, i am sure that someone is offended with what i have written. Regardless of what you say, i am so happy. Hey freaks, what goes around comes around. Who says life is not fair.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Big Hot Mess

Do you people fancy blonde jokes? God, I love blonde jokes and I really like Kellie Prickler for being the wittiest blonde that I have ever seen so far. She called herself as a Big Hot Mess during the Ellen Degeres talk show.
But trust me, she maybe a little bit ignorant but she is a kind person who deserves our respect. As a proof, she reminded all kids in school to pay attention so that they would not turn to become a big hot mess just like her.
So what about this blonde girl that I fancy the most? It’s her witty character. She is extremely hilarious. When she appeared in the Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader Show, she was asked about a 3rd grade geography question which is:

Budapest is the capital for what European Country?

She said that it might be a stupid question. (and of course the audience laughed, assuming that she knows the answer) But, no. She doesn’t know the answer. In fact, she later told the host that she thought that Europe was a country. (God, I love you Kellie. Europe is not a country. It’s a continent.) She later tried to figure out where on earth is Budapest. She said that she has never heard of that place. But she knows that they speak preach there. (By the fact that it sounds like Budha). She then asked herself whether France is a country? (Seriously Kellie, you did not even know this? Haha) So yeah, then she decided to copy the answer from the kid (Nathan). Then, the host asked her for one time what would be her guess? She said she didn’t think that France is a country. But she chose to try France. (Kellie, yes France is a country. But the capital is Paris not Budapest. Hope you know it by now.) The host then told her the answer which is Hungary. Being so ignorant about the place, she asked the host. Is what? Hungry? The host: Yes, Hungary. Like I am Hungry. (the audiences laughed) Kellie: That’s a country? Oooh I’ve heard of Turkey, but not Hungry. (more audiences laughed) So yeah, from that moment I believed that I love Kellie Pickler. She makes me smile and laugh hilariously like no one’s business. God I really like her. And people, bear in mind that she might be the ignorant blonde girl. But she managed to win thousand dollars for charity. She has contributed something big for a good cause. Us? I’m not sure. To Kellie, stay the way you are. So that I have more reasons to laugh. I heart You KP. p/s you guys must watch it too. Regards, HHB, i'm-a-HIMBO

Thursday, April 30, 2009

PIE vs EH!

Beep Beep. New text message.
Pie: Fiqo, I would like to invite you to my 21st Birthday party. Everything would be planned by my friend, Najwa.
Me: When is it? Pie: 28th March 2009 from 8.00 to 11.00 p.m. Me: But babe, that is during the earth hour. I want to cast my vote and joined others. Pie: So you’re choosing the earth hour over me? Me:Hurm….let see if I can do something about it. Pie: Fiqo…please Me: Okay…okay I will come to your party. Pie: You and nicky would be the emcee okay. You have to be the emcee, as the birthday gift for me. Okay fiqo? I’ll tell you the tentative roughly.
Me: Emcee? Erghhh…whatever you wish, birthday girl. So yeah, that was a last month story. Haha. Where I was actually in a real dilemma whether to go to pie’s birthday bash or to join the earth hour. But yeah, finally i made up my mind and I joined pie's party.
To make myself feel better, I actually planned to print the earth hour poster and distribute it during the party. But after having a second thought that I might ruin her party, then I canceled my plan. Haha.
But, the moment I reached Alexis, Bangsar, I was relieved that the party is held at the Bar. So most of the lights were turned off. Thank God. Plus, there are many candles on the tables. So I made a right decision. Because I got to spend my times during the earth hour together with pie and other friends.
So here are the pictures during the birthday party. I enjoyed the party quite much because I had to be the emcee even I did not prepare anything despite that I was reminded earlier. Hehe. Some of pie’s friends performed for her. We sat and sang together for her. It was really great.
To pie, be a good girl. I always love you. You are the 1st girl junior that I become close with, up until now. You’re just like my little sister. Wish that we’ll be like this for years ahead. It’s really great to have you as my mooting buddy, a friend to share problems with and many others. I love the memories and time we spent together. Love you loads. Muaacks.

We Love You, Pie

Regards, HHB, We-ROCK-the-World

Friday, April 17, 2009

Buttoned Up

Hi Peeps,
Hopefully all of you are doing great. I feel totally good. You know why? Because I am done with my final exam. Six Papers. Some were really tough, some were okay.
To my friends from other Unis or Colleges, my bestest wish of luck for you people. Well, I believe that you are all smarties and brainy. So 'Let's Break a Leg....!' (my favourite one...hehe).
I am now hibernating at my home in Klang. Hehe. Well nothing much that I did and have to do except watching tv, loads of sleep, hanging out with friends etc. But luckily, my sister asked my favour to fold her wedding invitation cards. It's quite a petty task, but i like it. At least, I have something to do at home.
I will not be updating my blog as frequent as I normally would. I cant wait to go back to my campus in early of May. I'll be resuming my part time job as a Research Assistant for my lecturer.
In a meantime, I will stay at home. Trying to catch up with family thingy, also helping out my sister with her wedding preparation.
Till then, Love you people!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Innocently Poyo (Cocky)

Hi peeps, Have you ever come across the terms 'innocently poyo'...? The terms did not come from my mouth, but my friends.
According to my friends, an innocently poyo person is a person who is appeared to be innocent yet cocky. So in the other words, an innocently poyo person is an innocently cocky person.
My friends said that, my batch (at my place of study) has the most innocently poyo person. Well I am in no position to affirm or deny that. haha.
But, generally,yeah, sometimes I do feel that some people are being so arrogant and proud of themselves, even they did not actually demostrate it expressly. (I am not pointing my fingers to anybody) Well, their actions speak louder than anything else. It is very unfortunate that, I as a human being judge their actions too.
To all innocently cocky person, I know that you are better than me. I know you are smarter and brighther than anyone else. But that is so whatever. I care not about it. But it does bother me and my friends. Cause it annoys us most of the times.
To my beloved batch, I love you people. The words did not actually come from me, but people around me. So let's prove them wrong. I know together we can rock the world!
Talent is God given. Be humble.
Fame is man-given. Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Slapper is Back!

Hey peeps,
I'm now in the midst of going through my final examination for this semester.
So, yeah. Pray the best for me. I would definitely do the same for you. Hey everyone, all the best. Let's break a leg! (i like...i really like. haha).
Oh, last nite when I was looking for my notes, I found something inside my book. A piece of paper. I wrote something on it. Do guys want to know what? (well, even if you refuse to know, no choice. But to read. Haha. I insist.) (^_^)
Why is it hard to make a real move,
when you've been hitting on someone new,
I no longer love you,
cause you don't deserve mine,
I no longer care,
cause I shouldn't,
But why, is it hard to move on.
Fyi, I wrote this a month ago, when I was in the class. At that point of time, I have not made my real move, cause I just couldnt get rid of that Liar+Loser (my ex....blame blame you for not being honest. Liar!) But now, I am happy to tell to you that, I have move on. yeah. For real. I am now in the process of knowing someone who is better than my ex, in many ways.

I'm happy that finally someone could steal my attention. Yay. Hoooray.

Regards, HHB, Happy-Slapper

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thousand Hopes, I Pray

Dearest Peeps,
Love feels good. It’s true. But sometimes it hurts us too. Sometimes, we’ve tried so hard to make sure that our loves will blossom like flowers during the winter. Or maybe it’s just the fate, that sometimes love hurts us, no matter how hard have we tried.
In this entry, I will be posting about someone whom I know (just recently), who has so much loves to give to his dearest lady.
A friend of mine, Hero, he fell in love with a lady who is staying far away from him, separated by miles away from one another. But he always thinks that the long distance which separates them should not be the hurdle, to love the lady.
Unfortunately, the lady is sick. She is suffering cancer at her final stage. She may be living for her last days and she may not. That’s why everyday and most of the time, Hero would tell the lady to be strong, so that she could fight and kill the cancer cells. Hero said “Don’t stop believing love, you will survive.”
Hero would rather stay up all night, to ensure that the lady is well acquainted. Despite that they are separated miles away, Hero will always shower the lady with his dearly loves and cares. Hero knows that the lady would feel good when he is with her, visually.
One day, Hero wrote a poem, dedicated specially for the lady. Hero wants the lady to know that he loves her the most, and nothing, could ever change the fact, ever. In fact, Hero will never stop from loving her, dead or alive.
The lady, was speechless and became out of her words once she read the poem. It is a nice poem. Hero wrote the poem with his heart. It really touches the lady’s heart.
So peeps, I’d like to share the poem with all of you here. And let’s tell the people whom you love, that you love them the most. Let them know that, nobody owns your love, but them.
I met you in the dying days of Winter
When leaves comeback to life
You were the most beautiful angel I had ever seen
Heaven stood right beside me
I thank God everyday for you
You make me feel so full of life
You gave my heart a reason to love again
Like a phoenix rising from the flames
My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
Nightingales' melodies fill my heart
I call your name in the middle of the night
All of my dreams are of youI can't think right anymore
I see you everywhereLove is all around me
You are all around me
Whenever I have something bad on my mind
It's you I think of
You're always the one I run to when I feel sad
Thank God I have you
You are the flowers I smell in the Spring
You are the sand I walk on in the Summer
You colour my world like trees in Autumn
When you leave, my world turns to Winter
But it's alright because...I met you in the dying days of Winter
I thank God every day for the love that you have brought me
I thank God every day for the smiles that you have given me
I thank God every day...for you
P/s...Let us pray to god that the lady would recover soon. Yeah lady, I don’t know you, yet, I want everybody in this world to be happy, including you. Hero is waiting for you. You can fight the cancer. We believe in you. Have faith.