Monday, November 14, 2011

I Learn to Appreciate

Hello all!

Suddenly I had the strong urge to write something here. I think I just miss my late grandmother so much and I don’t know with whom I shall share this feeling. You know, not all people out there is willing to listen to everything you have to share, not every time. The worst part is that, they are among your close friends and those you consider to be among the best. Absurd isn’t it. At last, I bet it’s better to write it here, so that nobody will complain anything. Read if you want to, don’t if you wish so.

This entry is not meant to be a sad entry, but to remind us that we have to appreciate the existence of people around us.

My late grandmother is irreplaceable. No doubt about it. But after her passing, Allah has bestowed me with a beautiful niece, whom I love very dearly. She feels so close to my heart, as close as my grandmother was. I bet, that is just how this life works. Nothing is eternal. Hence we need to make sure that we make our loved ones happy while they are still alive. I am relief that I have made my grandmother happy when she was still alive. She was so proud of me, and I have tried my best to put smiles on her face every single day. She always said that I am her favourite and she’s happy that I am her grandson.

Now, my beautiful Sofia just turned 1 a week ago. Oh the time truly flies. I bought her a ballerina gown on her 1st birthday and she looks very adorable wearing it. That happy girl is able to make my heart beams every now and then. She’s my pure bundle of joy, just like the late of my grandmother.

Let’s make our loved ones happy, while they are still around us.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Stalk Me Even More

Hi Peeps,
Last night, my phone rang,
Yes, “someone” called,

I was told that “someone” stalked me for quite sometimes,
Strangely, I did not freak out, not a bit,
Instead, my heart smiles like a moon beam when I first heard that,
And till now my heart is still smiling,
Probably, I still want that “someone” to stalk me from afar,
So that “someone” will be able to know me better, by just observing.

Oh, please, do not stop, watch me closely,
Keep doing that, my dear “someone”,
For that has brightened up my days and nights.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not Just Another Dream

Hi Peeps,

Last night I had a dream. It's the dream that I wish would last long. Last night, I dreamt of my late grandmother. Yes, the one whom I deeply missed. In my dream, I saw her coming back to our house, and the moment I saw her, I ran towards her and I hugged her tightly. I can still remember vividly I cried really hard when I hugged her. It felt so real! 

Suddenly, I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. How I wish that the dream did not end there. And how I wish I can hug her longer.

But one thing for sure, it's a dream that I want to have every single time I fall asleep....

May you have the best place there, Nek. May my prayers for you are being heard by the Almighty. Amin.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who's Singing...?

Hey Peeps,

look who's singing...? Check it out.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Do You Know About FRIENDSHIP?

What do you know about friendship,
when you do not care for your friend's feeling,
being insensitive towards them,
treating them like strangers,
not knowing the real situations,
yet you're giving them a wrong look,
putting the blame on them for the wrong thing you did,
giving them your evil laughs,
causing them to suffer heartache,
What do you know about it...?

For this one time,
I am begging you to come back to your


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Untold Stories

Hey all,

thanks to Allah, alhamdulillah, finally, i've secured a job offer from a mid-sized law firm in Kuala Lumpur. What makes me happy is that, the firm is willing to pay me according to the market rate. Right now, I am very excited to embark on a new journey, as an Advocate & Solicitor.

I know that it won't be easy, yet, I am ready to face the upcoming challenges in life. I just pray and hope that I will always have the courage to make it through the hurdles. I always tell myself that the pain that I have to suffer, is the best way to bring me forward. So, I will bear the pain, no matter how painful it is.

Oh yeah, I've gone missing from this blog for almost a year. There are many major changes happened in my life.

My beloved grandmother, who was the closest person to me, passed away on the 16th day of last ramadhan. (May Allah bless her soul and place her in the best place, Amin.) She was the best gift for me from Allah. I am fortunate that I had her in my life. She was a very modest person, who always taught me good values in life. Whenever I faced troubles in life, she offered me her helps and showered me with her loves, so that I won't be left alone. Indeed, I owe her my life. My prayers, will always be with her.

Look at the smile on her face

Each time I miss her, I will look at the photos of her, which captured wonderful moments that I had with her. Tears couldn’t bring her back to me. Yet, the sweet and sad memories that we shared together will always remain intact in my mind.

The day when she left me, was the saddest day that I’ve ever had so far. It was the downiest point of my life. It’s really hard to let her go, but nothing that I could do to change the fact that she's gone. I will always remember her as the greatest gift that God has bestowed upon me. I love you Nenek.

To Nenek, we will always keep praying for your well-being in the hereafter. Never will I forget.



After years going through the hurdles, finally, on January 2010 I graduated with a Second Class Upper Grade (yay). Now I am the degree holder of Bachelor of Laws (Honours). 

It's been a very tough journey, and it's impossible for me to reach the finish line without supports from people around me, especially my late Grandmother, family and close friends.

Now I have a bigger responsibility towards the society at large. The knowledge gained and the skills obtained throughout my studies, I shall not waste. I pray that Allah will always guide me to the right path. One thing for sure, I know that I won't sink in the sea of life

Then I pursued my career in legal fraternity as a pupil-in-chamber for the period of nine months.

And, on the 6th November 2010, my only sister gave birth to a beautiful baby, Sofia. Indeed, she is a real bundle of joy who brings thousands of meaning in this life.

Many things happened. Those are among the untold stories which I think, you should know.

I guess, I have nothing else to write here.

Till then,


Monday, December 27, 2010

I Used To Have...

 Hey peeps,

I used to have a best friend,
who was always there for me, through thick and thin,
we shared many things in life together,
both sadness and hapiness,
but as we all know, with no exception,
all of us change,
some of us change to become a better person in life,
while some others, the other way around.

My so called best friend is of no exception,
he too, changed,
gradually, he became someone whom I can barely understand,
from someone whom I think "the best of friend",
to only my good friend,
again, after sometimes, I feel that he wasn't really a good friend,
but we're still close,
perhaps we're just close friends,
neither good nor best,
unfortunately, I was wrong again,
for one more time,
it seems there are gaps separated between us, lately,
and the gaps seemed to be created by himself,
hence, we are not as close as we used to be,
yet, he is a friend of mine, STILL.

Right now, at this moment,
I think, I have lost the count,
Why oh why,
only he has the answer,
but, no matter what,
I am still a hopeful person,
hoping that, he will be 'him' again.