Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's Cherish BUNNY

Hi peeps,
I know I am supposed to watch this movie, ten years back (well, not really ten years. Hihi) . But yeah, I just watched it last night. A movie called The House Bunny. I bet some of my friends would laugh at me for not watching it earlier, especially L.
I enjoyed the movie, really. I have to admit that I am so into bimbo jokes. Yes bimbo/himbo are dumb, but mind you, at least they have the look ;).
I like the main character, Shelley. She’s naïve, being bimbo most of the times but she’s really nice. The one with a big heart. She inspires me a lot.
Well, this movie too…it teaches me something. It’s not a plain movie with mere stupid jokes. It’s more than the bimbo jokes, pretty girls, bunnies etc. These are among the messages that I got from the movie:
1. Lesson number one: You may look descent and appear to be nice. But, in reality you’re evils at heart or ‘snotty bicthes’ (just like what Shelley mentioned). You may also be a bunny, sexy, hot, and flirtatious but you’re actually saint at heart. So lesson number one, looks can be deceiving. Thus, don’t be fooled by one’s look.
2. Lesson number two: Shelly said “together we can do anything.” Well, in other words, we have to unite so that we will be able to do things, even the impossible one.
3. Lesson number three: Being ugly doesn’t mean you’re being loser. Hey, true enough. Look around. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws. So, be proud of yourself!.
4. Lesson number four: You can call a backstabbing friend a BITCH. Hehe.
5. Lesson number five: If everything is based on looks, when the look is gone, then nothing is left. So be with people who could love you for who you are, not your look.
Right now, I feel like partying. Seriously. OMG. Could anyone of you bring me to any great parties? ;p
Regards, HHB, Guy-BUNNY

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vote our PLANET

Hi Peeps, Check you calendar. It's Saturday, 28th March 2009. It's the day to cast our visual votes for Earth. Let us VOTE EARTH by switching off light on the 28th March 2009, Saturday, 8.30p.m.-9.30p.m.

Before you decide or make up your mind, let me explain to you why do we need to vote for earth?

Earth Hour is WWF’s program which is to demand action on climate change. It’s a way for every one of us to send a clear message to our leaders that we want immediate and effective action on climate change to be taken. This is the time where people of the world regardless of the nationalities, races, religions, ethnics etc would unite for the sake of the future generation.

The earth is heating. It happens everywhere. From the North Pole to China, from China to even Malaysia. We need to slow the global warming. Or else the climate would change rapidly without a break. It’s a fact that we are all concerned about the heating Earth. Thus, by switching off the light for one hour, you are actually voting for Earth. Your vote will be presented to the world leaders who will gather at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December 2009. During the said Conference, the leaders will be discussing about the official government policies with regard to this matter. The new government policies will replace Kyoto Protocol (agreement between the Industrialized Countries as to the carbon emissions etc) which will expire soon. Hence, this is the chance where your voice would be heard by the world leaders.

According to WWF, 1 billion votes are needed from us. So let’s do our part. Vote Earth. Every vote counts. Our vote will make a difference. Let us slow down the climate change. Take charge of our planet. We love our planet Earth. This is our bit, VOTE EARTH.





Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. Stalker is BACK!

Hi Bloggers,
Lately, the weather is getting hot and hotter. Even during the night, the weather is still warm. Warm enough to make you sweat. Nobody to blame, but us, human. We cause the global warming. Something need to be done. Let us minimize the energy usage as mininum as we can. But let's not talk about this in details as I'll post an entry specially for this.
Yeah, it is really hot for the past few days. I sweat a lot. So, when I reached my room, I opened my windows, to ensure the air circulation is good.
When I was changing my clothes, I saw a foreign man, staring at me from the upper level. He smiled at me. I was shocked that someone was actually looking at me when I was changing my clothes. (Darn it man, you got to see my body for free...haha. Not exactly my point).
I feel terrified, because this is not his first time doing it. I just don't like being stalked that way. I feel insecure. We never know what people can do towards us. So I left the room and went to a place where I can study soundly. I don't know why does he like to look at me? I have actually asked him once, because I really-really cannot stand him. My friends even noticed his habit of stalking me. (Poor you Mr. Stalker). Me: why do like to observe me? Stalker: Because I like you. You look nice. Me: Come on man. There are many other hotter guys here. Why me? Stalker: Because I like you. Me: This is scary. Are you gay? Stalker: Is that important to know? Me: Yes. It is important. I don't feel good about it. Stalker: (Not answering). So you don't like me looking at you? Me: Hey, I can never stop you. But please, don't make it too frequent. You're freaking me out.
Sigh. How can I get rid of him? Maybe by kicking his a** or ba**s? Haha...
Petrified & Terrified

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Screwed Up

Hi Bloggers, Last monday, on my way back to my room, Gedik (my junior) told me that he wanted to pee. So we stopped at the nearest toilet. Suddenly, Gedik ran and told me to go inside the 1st toilet, and see what's written on the door. I was quite suprised when I saw it.

Then, after thinking twice, I decided to write a reply to it. I know it's a form of vandalism. But I screwed up, so, yeah...it was the exceptional circumstance. Up till now, I am still wondering who wrote that. Sigh. I never know that we have pro-Israeli in UIA. Regards, HHB, anti-Israeli-and-its-Allies

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Higher Than Mountain

Hi Bloggers, Did it occur to you that a person gives you a high expectation when you can’t really be as good as expected? Well, it did occur to me.
Last week, during the class, as usual I did not really prepare before coming into the class. Just to let you know, every student is given a set of questions, which required to be answered before the class. So, I did prepare for some of the questions, only some.
During the class, I volunteered to answer the first few questions. What I had in mind was, since I have answered few questions (earlier), that would exempt me from answering the later questions.
But I was wrong. When it came to the last question, my lecturer asked “Can anyone answer this question? What is the significance of this case on the Professional Misconduct?” I turned to silent because I did not even have the case, far from reading it (my bad, I know).
Then she called my name. “So Hafiq…what do you think the answer?” Again, I kept silence. Because seriously I do not know the answer as I did not have the case with me.
She later said this in front of my classmates. “Hafiq, aren’t you supposed to know it better?”
In response, I just smiled at her. But deep in my heart, I did not really like what she said and what she had in her mind.
My lecturer knows that I was once a mooter (law debater). But she missed the fact that, I am not as good as the other mooters. For God sake, she could have such expectation towards others, but not me. That was so wrong.
Wrong person, wrong thought, wrong expectation, many wrongs.
I was quite embarrassed by that. Sigh. I just do not like being given high expectation because I am not good enough.
This is what one of my classmates, Nad@Citapus said when she commented on this entry;
"i know whch lecturer u r refering to hafiq..ehe.sumtimes i felt bad for u too..sbb dlm cls u'r alwys be presumed to know almost evrything.x fair kn?i think its quite a burden.uhu.xpela hafiq..tggl ag bpe kls je..u tabah je la..ehehe :D"

Thank you nad, for acknowledging my suffering. But the worst part is, I will still be in her class next semester. Yeah, I will try to bear it for another few lectures. But next semester, can I survive? I doubt it. Sigh

HHB, If-I-could-Be-Really-Good

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want Candies

Dearest Bloggers, Just for a quick update, while I was browsing Flickr to search for the fancy pictures of candies, suddenly, something caught my eyes. Swear God! Hihi. Since sharing is caring, here you go...the Fanciest Eyed-Candies Picture! (Enjoy)
The Fanciest Eyed-Candies Picture! (OMG)
Regards, HHB, candy-Pose

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tepuklah Dada

Dearest Bloggers, Have you read the hot news in the newspaper today? It says: “KUALA LUMPUR: Riot police fired teargas at hundreds of people who tried to march towards Istana Negara to protest against the policy of using English to teach Science and Mathematics.” –the Star- If you have read the news, you should know that not all people are happy with the decision made by the Government in using English as a medium to teach Science and Mathematics. Certainly the demonstrators have justifications for doing so. They would not go against any of the Government policies without any reasons or justifications. So what say you about this?

I too have my own say in respect of this issue. In my opinion, the Government has taken a tremendous step by deciding that Science and Math should be taught in English. It is good that the kids are exposed and familiarized with the English language since they are little.

Take my case as an example.

I was raised up by my family who speak Malay most of the time. So do my friends at School. They would only speak in English when they are required to do so. I would only speak English during the English class, when I talk to the English teacher or whenever it is necessary.

By the time I entered into the Matriculation Centre, it was a bit awkward because English was the 1st language. So, everyone was required to speak in English all the time (in class). But, Alhamdulillah, as the time goes by, I managed to overcome my weakness. I could now speak in English almost fluently, with little grammatical errors (I admit).

My point here is that, the idea of teaching Science and Math in English is good in the sense that it would expose the younger generations with the usage of English since they are little. It will of course ensure that they could interact in English eloquently. By the time they enter into any higher learning institutions, they would not face the same problems as I did. Most of the academic sources are written in English. If their (younger generation) command of the language is poor and bad, that would be detrimental to their studies. We are in a developing country, not a developed country like Japan, Singapore and others (to name few). Yes, some might ask why do the Japanese could be proud of their mother tongue without having to master the English language. I think this is because; they are already a developed country. People in the world are following them. They don’t really follow others, as they are already developed. Also, by having good command of the English language, it would not make s person any less Malay. I am still a Malay at heart and all. I still love my mother tongue. I still speak Malay most of the time. I am proud of being Malay and who I am.

Therefore as a citizen of Malaysia, I want to urge the Government to ensure that the execution is done in the best manner possible. The teachers need to be properly trained, so that there shall not be any difficulties in carrying their duties. The teachers need to be made ready physically and mentally. We have read in the newspaper that many teachers are depressed as that they are not ready to teach the kids in English. They also claimed that they do not have good command in English.

To make things worst, many Parents (especially those who are living in the rural areas) do not have good command of the English language. Those who stay in the rural areas, are less exposed with the usage of English, as compared to those who are in the city. For these reasons, the kids in the rural areas are affected more than those in the urban areas.

The Government has to consider all these before implementing the idea of teaching the subjects in English. If the Government could overcome the above-mentioned problems and execute the idea of teaching Science and Math in English in the best manner possible, then I would support the idea full-heartedly.

Or maybe, it’s the time to revise the syllabus of the English subject itself? Are we ready for changes?

Sekarang, tepuklah dada masing-masing....

Regards, HHB, sayangkan-Bangsa-Melayu

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cursing Fungus Forever

Dearest Bloggers,
Some of you, if not all, are aware of the fact that I am a sweet tooth person. I like to eat sweet stuffs especially chocolates. I used to have a lot of chocolates which I got as my birthday gifts, and some, I bought during my trip new year trip.
Among all chocolates that I had, the one that I love the most is the one that Irda gave me. I Love NY chocolate. She bought that when she visited New York on December. Since I love that chocolate the most, I planned to eat that chocolate after I've eaten all others.
So, last night I felt like eating the choc. I unwrapped the I Love NY choc, and pooooooooooooooop! What the %*&*?
What is that thing on my choc? What are they doing there? Dont they have any other place to stay? Dont they have any other things to eat than my favourite choc...?
Darn it....it's no longer edible! Geram nye aku...huarrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Then I text Irda to tell her about the choc. Irda replied, Darling, yang you pegi simpan lama2 tu buat ape? It's not that you have fridge in your hostel...haha...comel la you ne. Love you.
Then, I was thinking back about what she said. That's true. Bukan nye aku ader fridge kat hostel ne. Yang aku jadik bimbo sgt sape suro. Haha. Hurm...it's okay Fungus. Maybe, it's your luck that you got to eat the choc. Still, I am feeling lucky and loved by people around me. Many offers to buy me chocs. Thank you guys. Love you.
Moral of the story--> don't keep your chocolates for too long. You can give it to me. Hehe.
Hafiq Hasan Basri

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HELL-O. 911

Dearest Bloggers,
Well I've been really busy lately. I have lot of stories to tell, but due to the time contraint, I couldn't post it here. Thousand apologies for that.
I'm hoping that everyone of you is doing great and fine. Well, this morning, after I wake up I browsed through the internet. Then I found this one weird and funny story about a lady who called 911 over McNuggets. Haha. Here, the full news;
Woman has 911 meltdown over McNuggets Fla. police say she called emergency number 3 times after store runs out
FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Authorities say a Florida woman called 911 three times after McDonald's employees told her they were out of Chicken McNuggets.
A police report says 27-year-old Fort Pierce resident Latreasa L. Goodman told authorities she paid for a 10-piece last week but was later informed the restaurant had run out.
She says she was refused a refund and told all sales were final. A cashier told police she offered Goodman a larger portion of different food for the same price, but Goodman became irate.
"This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one," Goodman told police, according to The Stuart News. "This is an emergency."
Police say Goodman was cited on a misuse of 911 charge. A current phone listing for Goodman couldn't be found.
A McDonald's spokesman says Goodman should have been given a refund, and she's being sent a gift card for a free meal.
Hafiq Hasan Basri