Monday, November 14, 2011

I Learn to Appreciate

Hello all!

Suddenly I had the strong urge to write something here. I think I just miss my late grandmother so much and I don’t know with whom I shall share this feeling. You know, not all people out there is willing to listen to everything you have to share, not every time. The worst part is that, they are among your close friends and those you consider to be among the best. Absurd isn’t it. At last, I bet it’s better to write it here, so that nobody will complain anything. Read if you want to, don’t if you wish so.

This entry is not meant to be a sad entry, but to remind us that we have to appreciate the existence of people around us.

My late grandmother is irreplaceable. No doubt about it. But after her passing, Allah has bestowed me with a beautiful niece, whom I love very dearly. She feels so close to my heart, as close as my grandmother was. I bet, that is just how this life works. Nothing is eternal. Hence we need to make sure that we make our loved ones happy while they are still alive. I am relief that I have made my grandmother happy when she was still alive. She was so proud of me, and I have tried my best to put smiles on her face every single day. She always said that I am her favourite and she’s happy that I am her grandson.

Now, my beautiful Sofia just turned 1 a week ago. Oh the time truly flies. I bought her a ballerina gown on her 1st birthday and she looks very adorable wearing it. That happy girl is able to make my heart beams every now and then. She’s my pure bundle of joy, just like the late of my grandmother.

Let’s make our loved ones happy, while they are still around us.


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