Monday, December 27, 2010

I Used To Have...

 Hey peeps,

I used to have a best friend,
who was always there for me, through thick and thin,
we shared many things in life together,
both sadness and hapiness,
but as we all know, with no exception,
all of us change,
some of us change to become a better person in life,
while some others, the other way around.

My so called best friend is of no exception,
he too, changed,
gradually, he became someone whom I can barely understand,
from someone whom I think "the best of friend",
to only my good friend,
again, after sometimes, I feel that he wasn't really a good friend,
but we're still close,
perhaps we're just close friends,
neither good nor best,
unfortunately, I was wrong again,
for one more time,
it seems there are gaps separated between us, lately,
and the gaps seemed to be created by himself,
hence, we are not as close as we used to be,
yet, he is a friend of mine, STILL.

Right now, at this moment,
I think, I have lost the count,
Why oh why,
only he has the answer,
but, no matter what,
I am still a hopeful person,
hoping that, he will be 'him' again.



najlaa haridan said...

OMG! it's been ages dear! thank god u ingt jalan balik! hehe. btw, we have to accept the fact tht ppl change. to the worse or better.. u choose. but most importantly, we stay grounded in who we really are. sbb itu penting utk org yg pentingkan kita. cheer up ;)

Fiqo said...

now, u tell me about it.

i dont know, suddenly, i have the urge to update my blog.

actually, i merajuk dgn blog i, sebab i x boleh nak tukar font, tukar warna font etc.

tp what matter most is the content, so it's oke. i'll keep writing. haha.

and, i do agree with you. it's very important to stay grounded, no matter who you've become, what you've achieved etc.

maybe, not many people know the importance of keeping our feet on the ground, and eyes on the prize.

najlaa haridan said...

haha. u got me on this! merajuk la dgn font, bukan blog. hehe. kalau u merajuk dgn ur blog, i dah takde hiburan. it's been a year kut i tak nmpk blog u.

so fiqo.. nnt jadi org besar mana2 company jgn lupa i! belanja la selaluuuu. =)

Fiqo said...

ouch sweetheart,

now let's not worry, cause I'm back ;p

and since I am still 'jobless' and 'free', I will make use of my free time to write more :)

u pun sama, if u dah join mana-mana big firm or company, jangan lupa belanja I ;p