Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who's Singing...?

Hey Peeps,

look who's singing...? Check it out.



WanShin said...

Dah bangun dari mimpi ke? :p

farhanyamin said...

wow!!! apsal tak panjang lagi?? sedap ok your voice :) ahahaha bile nk karok same2 lagi?? :)

F-I-Q-O said...

WanShin--> o...m...g! now i am so malu, that you read my blog, and i am sure you have viewed the video. hahaha. WanShin...oh my god...haha.

Pa'an--> pa'an. i miss you so much. very! jom jom karaoke. tunggu 1st gaji keluar, then karaoke sama-sama yer. yeeeeha.

WanShin said...

Lol. There was a link on the FB news feed. That was how I came to your blog. Of cos I've viewed the video! :)

Good voice. How come you didn't join AF? You prolly hv more personality than Mawi. And yes, I used to watch AF until Aznil left. Hehe.

F-I-Q-O said...


that's sound so convincing to me. i think, i am convinced to go for the audition now.

i will make sure you'll watch AF again, since i'll appear on the show. haha. (jokes).

it's good to know that you blog as well. at least, i have more blogging-friends =)

actually, i have 'abandoned' my blog, almost a year. but, last week, i had the sudden urge to write something. so i did, and i will keep writing :)

lumut said...

i jumpe ur blog dr someone blog ..
i klik sebab nickname u fiqo..

some of my friends called me fika or fiki..then bile jumpe fiqo..buat saya tersenyum kecil..

sedap suara...hee

[ citapus ] said...

wait a minute...u made a comeback hafiq???finally.yeay!!hehe.